AGENDA—Blue Ridge Fiber Guild, July 19, 2018

6:00-6:30—food and short business meeting in the dining hall, WWCC
Access to dye vats on the back deck, dyeing can begin if you’re ready
6:30-6:50—presentation in dining hall by Susan Sharpe: stitched/wrapped resist in indigo
 and Ellie Hjemmet: lichen dyeing (umbilicaria)
6:50-8:00—Making stitched samples and Dyeing on the back deck WWCC
Bring: refreshments, apron, gloves, bucket and/or bags (to wet your material before and to carry it away after you dye), materials to dye such as yarn, fat quarters, fleece in a nylon or cheesecloth bag
To Be Provided: 12” squares white cottons, silks & rayon fabric; needle, thread, scissors; vats of indigo, rose madder, osage orange, and myrobalan; drying racks  
 Suggestion: parking in the back

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