April 18th Guild Meeting

I know we are all tired of not being able to get together so instead of canceling another of our meetings we will meet via Zoom for a virtual meeting. This program is very easy to use. You just need to have the software/app installed on your computer or phone/tablet. You can also call in on your phone if you can’t do this but you will of course not be able to see us but will hear us and can talk to us. Hear is the link to download Zoom:


The software is free to download and use but the free version only gives us 40 minutes to visit. Hopefully one of you has an account for Zoom that we can use where we don’t have a time limit. Contact me if you can host the meeting if you have an account.

I will send you a link to join the meeting in an email and it will also have a phone number where you can call in if you can’t be near a computer or device. This way all our members can join us, even the ones who are away for the winter.

We will be meeting on April 18th at 10:30 am EDT. Our agenda will be an informal get together where we show each other projects we are working on or you can show us your work spaces/studios or whatever. It will be great fun! Look for another email from me with details on joining prior to the meeting.