August 2021 Guild Meeting

We will be having our meeting Saturday the 21st at the Western Watauga Community Center at 10:30. The program will be a hands on mini workshop on how to wrap an Ikat warp plus there will also be mordant baths there to mordant the warp in preparation for the dye workshop in September. You can bring any natural fiber to do this with: wool, cotton, linen, silk, etc. We will be winding a warp on a warping board and while it’s under tension there, the wrapping technique will occur. Susan Sharpe will show several different techniques for wrapping the warp. Projects might include doing a belt, an Inkle loom warp, a small pillow or a scarf. This is a hands on in person meeting but we will have a Zoom option available if you can’t attend (Zoom link was sent in email). If you are going to attempt this at home, you will need some way to wind a warp under tension such as a warping board, C clamps, or a peg coat rack for instance and can bring your warp to the center to soak in the mordant. Susan used Painters tape as one of the wrapping techniques. Saturday will be the 1st part; the winding and mordanting and the dying part will take place in September. Neither Susan nor I will be available Sept. 18th so we will discuss at the meeting a time for this to take place.

Here is the agenda:

10:30 -11:00 Meet and Greet and Show and tell

11:00-11:15 Discuss our upcoming and outgoing shows and Dye Workshop
• Our show at the Western North Carolina Visitors Center will be taken down on August 30th.
• Whippoorwill Academy is having a Daniel Boone Day on I am thinking will be September 18th. The dates on their website are incorrect and they are looking for demo and perhaps sales?
• In October there is the opportunity for a show with the Arts Council
• Discuss date for September dye workshop

11:15-12:30 Mini Workshop on Ikat wrapping
• Bring fiber to wind a warp and wrap or do this at home.