Hearts for February

The Guild was challenged to create hearts and leave them in the Community for people to find. They were tagged with a note to let us know if someone found one. We actually got a new member from this effort. I added this post yesterday having only a picture of hearts from one member. After the post, 3 more flooded in. It’s wonderful we had so much participation!

Jeanne’s Hearts that were placed around the Appalachian Campus: Jeanne's Hearts

Mona’s Hearts: Mona's Hearts

Sali had this experience to share and her photo is listed below:
Here are a few of my hearts that someone suggested posting some on the web. These were placed in downtown Morganton, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and on campus, plus I left one in our mailbox for the postman. A friend saw this picture on Facebook, and asked me if I would teach her how to make knit some for her grandchildren.

Jean Marie has had two of her hearts reported on the IFAQH website. That is really cool!